March 2020 has been an incredibly turbulent and exciting month in the stock market. A lot has happened over the last 31 days. This is my second Portfolio report. I write this report once every month. Here I write an overview of all my holdings.

With my Excel form, I calculate all my holdings on the 5 accounts I keep visible at shareville (A norwegian forum for stock market enthusiasts), and show the total of holdings i own in a comprehensive portfolio report that you can read here on my blog. My equity may be considered small money for most, but I want you to know that I started in January 2020. I am still quite fresh in the stock market. My holdnings are shown in Norwegian Kroners (NOK).

I buy shares to hold, and so far I haven’t sold a single stock. With the stock market crash that has been around lately, like most others, I have lost money. In the picture below, you can see my total acquisition value (Orange). The acquisition value increases every time I buy. My total market value is also shown in the image below (Yellow). Whether the market value is above or below the acquisition value shows my currently unrealised losses or gains. I am currently in minus, about -3000 NOK, or -5.83%. Given how hard the OSEBX and S&P 500 have been hit the last, I consider myself lucky to be down only slightly above 5%. The main reason my portfolio is doing well is thanks to two Chinese equity funds that have maintained their full value, while the rest of the market has seen a steady decline in good parts of March. This is more luck than anything else on my part.

The month of March was the first month I received Dividends ever! First, on March 03 from Ford Motor Company. A second time I received a dividend on March 19th by Carlsberg. In hindsight, it has become clear that several of my investments have chosen to cut dividends, which is only natural after a stock market crash and a world economy thats in shutdown.

I think the goal at this time, I should not be to get rid of the companies that cut dividends. I believe that the market is now in a special period, and right now there are many good opportunities to buy shares. A company MUST NOT pay dividends at all times, some companies need to cut dividends one period to survive. For a companies survival, the healthiest thing to do is therefore to cut dividends. That doesn’t mean companies like Ford, Macy’s, Boeing and Delta Air Lines will never pay dividends again. I believe that the world economy gets a long-awaited upturn after things have calmed down, and normal everyday life will eventually come back. When the economy is recovering well, you will be able to look back at this time and evaluate whether you have made the right investments, whether it was best to sell, buy or do nothing.

Numbers in NOK:
Acquisition value: 50 745, –
Market value: 47 788, –
Unrealized gain / loss: -2957, –
Unrealized gain / loss (%): -5.83%

Dividends payments (after tax):
Ford Motor Company (F): 12,70 NOK
Carlsberg B A/S (CARL B): 26,59 NOK
Total: 39,29 NOK

Here are all my stocks and bonds shown in % of my portfolio:

It’s still humble beginnings for me. The month of March was the first month I received dividends, and last but not least, many important first-hand experiences with stock market crash and world economy shutdown. I will be able to look back on this and hopefully have learned a bit from it.

That’s what I had for this time! Thank you for taking the time to read.

You can read my last portfolio report here.

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