On March 03, I received dividends for the very first time. Today, exactly 17 days later, I got my second dividend payment! In this time when there is a stock market crash and a lot of uncertainty, it feels very good to receive dividends. Dividends, of course, cannot cover a loss of -17% of my market value. But it is a nice consolation and it gives me the assurance that not all companies choose to cut dividends.

Bilderesultater for Carlsberg

Today I have received dividends from our dear Danish friend, and Beer giant, Carlsberg! Carlsberg, like many other companies, has lost massive market value the last recent times. After withholding taxes I received 2,28$ (26,59 Norwegian kroner). My account got some pocket money today as well, and i feel happy about. Another careful step in the right direction. I am still in the startup face, building my portfolio, and its only my 3rd month investing in the Stock Market.

The Carlsberg share started this year at DKK 984.40 and has been as high as DKK 1057. It began to fall in price on March 5. I decided to by myself at DKK 752.49 (incl. Brokerage), and right now the price is as low as DKK 677.40. (Prices are shown in DKK as it is a danish company)

YTD, Carlsberg is down -31,84%.

Will Carlsberg go even lower in price? only time will tell. For me, it was the right time to buy, and I have full confidence that Carlsberg will get through this period. If you can’t buy a Carlsberg in a restaurant, because a lot is in lockdown right now, you can always bring one to your own living room. Carlsberg has increased dividends since 2016

Carlsberg has a Dividend Yield of 3.21% and a Payout Ratio of 47.28%, Carlsberg has increased its dividend since 2016. They pay dividends annually. The picture below is from Seekingalpha.com here is dividends shown in dollars $.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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