In these times, there are so many opportunities for what to buy. I have many stocks I’m currently watching and especially in the US. There are some ridiculous prices for some companies around now. Here are 3 US stocks I am considering to buy.

1: Boeing Company (The) NYSE:BA price: 123,92$

You’ve probably heard of Boeing, but just in case. Who is the Boeing Company? The company information is described on the right hand side of Nordnet.
As you can see, the Boeing Company has only one rival and that is Airbus. They are the world’s largest carrier! I know we are in a Bear market and the economy is bad, airports around the world are also closing down, but what do you think is the likelihood of such a big company like Boeing going bankrupt? I doubt it’s going to go that far.

Bilderesultater for boeing

When was the last time we could buy Boeing for under $ 120? We must return four years! March 2016. Boeing has been trading around $ 300-400 for the last 2-3 years so these are ridiculous prices right now in the context of recent years.

he world is not going to end all air transport, these times is an extreme case, which is why Boeing is first for me among companies I consider buying into.

Boeing also pays dividends quarterly. The dividends are shown through company events on the Nordnet site. Will Boeing cut the dividends for a period? only time will tell.

2: Delta Air Lines, Inc NYSE:DAL price: 31,74$

Bilderesultater for delta air line logo

I continue in the aerospace sector and move to Delta Air Lines. Delta Air Lines is a very well-known airline in the United States

At this time, it is natural to think that airlines are a sketchy investment, but for me thinking 5, 10 and 20 years ahead, these times are right now very attractive prices in this sector. I ask myself, will we never use airplanes again? Of course we do! Eventually quarantine and restrictions will be abolished and normal everyday life will return. Before this downturn is over, I hope I have invested in at least one airline. Delta Air Lines, for my part, is at the top of the list of US airlines.

Just 2 months ago in January, you had to pay $ 60 for the Delta Air Lines share, Now you can buy this stock for a ridiculous $ 31.74. So just over $ 30. When was the last time you could buy Delta Air Lines for $ 30 in the last 5 years? NEVER! The cheapest price five years back in time was a short window in June 2016 when the price was $ 35. We must return well over 6 years in January 2014 the last time Delta Air Lines cost $ 30 per share.

Delta Air Lines also pays a steady dividend on a quarterly basis. Of course, there is a risk in these times that they may be cutting dividends for a period of time, but regardless of that, I believe Delta Air Lines is to consider if you are thinking in the long term.

Delta Air Lines is the world’s second largest airline in terms of passenger numbers, and the fourth largest in terms of sales

3: FedEx Corportation NYSE:FDX pris: 95,16$

Bilderesultater for fedex logo

Like the Boeing Company, this was not a company I considered until very recently, but with the latest prices, I think everyone should have a look at giant FedEX. FedEx Corporation is a US company that offers courier, freight and logistics services.

Selskapsiformasjon beskrevet av Nordnet

Why invest in FedEx? No matter what happens in the world, people will need their packages. Both businesses and individuals must have this service. FedEx has dropped sharply in price this period.

You can currently buy FedEx Corporation for $ 95 per day. share. In the image below you will see that FedEx has not traded near $ 95 for the past 5 years! The closest we get to $ 95 is in January 2016 when the stock was sold for $ 125, that’s still $ 30 over the curent price.

We have to go back to April 2013, almost 7 years back in time the last time FedEx was traded for $ 95 a share.

FedEx also pays dividends quarterly and has paid dividends over a long period of time.

Those are the 3 American stocks I am watching closely! Thank you for taking the time to read.

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