OSEBX (Oslo Stock exchange) down 28,28% YTD

On Monday I went in with a substantial sum on the Oslo Stock Exchange, my total value at Nordnet (my brokerage) is around $4000. before Monday I was in with $3000, – so when I go in with an additional $1000in one day, then that is certainly a large sum in the context of how much equity I was using from before. I would also like to remind you that I have only invested in shares and funds since January 2020, so when I went in with $1000, – this is my biggest trading day in the form of individual shares ever, so far.

Many of you may say “That is nothing Mats! I am in with $10 000, $100,000, $250,000, $1 000 000” etc. etc. Many of you have definitely felt a huge fall, and most, if not all of you reading this have been in this game here for much longer than me. I myself am down $-550, – year to date, since new year. for me this is a decrease of -16.33%. Compared to my favorite indexes, the OSEBX is down -28.28% (which is my national index of Norway), so heavily down because the index contains ALOT of oil and gas. Also the S&P 500 is down -16.79%. Exactly per today the market looks bottomless and many are unsure when we are going reach the bottom.

You can EASILY say that it is a coincidence that I did not start investing earlier than January 2020. Good parts of 2019 went to read me to acquire my knowledge of the stock market. 2019 was the year I gained general knowledge about finances and money that I would have had badly when I was a child. I like to think that 29 years is no age and that it is better to start now than never.

I couldn’t really buy stocks in 2019, Because I was still paying up old debt. I saw the market rise, rise and rise, I wanted to start, but I knew I had more important financial priorities. I simply had to pay my old debt, and I didn’t let myself buy in until I got rid of this debt. if you yourself have had or have unsettled debt, I wrote briefly about this last Sunday. If you want some tips on getting rid of debt, you can read about some steps I did here

in 2019 i felt quite sad that I couldn’t do anything, but in light of what has happened this year so far, I have had real accidental luck. I see that I get a lot of lessons from this stock market crash, and consider myself lucky to be able to learn from this, without being in with too much capital. And honestly, I’m looking forward to a period of low prices and many shopping opportunities. At the same time, I have my fingers crossed that the market will find its way up again if not for too long. The bear market wont last forever and I believe in the long term stock market recovery

Thank you for reading

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