OSEBX falls! her are 3 shares i bought on this day

OSEBX began the day falling 12%. it ended on 8.14% for today
Before i go on, I just want to make disclaimer. this is NOT advice, I am a new investor, i am not an expert of any kind. I am a rookie. These are just the ways i decided to act in the market today. I only share how I have chosen to deal with todays situation, and you have to decide what you think is right. We are most likely going to have a rough week ahead of us, and for all I know, there is a good probability that I may have bought too early.

Today I have chosen to buy myself into some companies. These are companies that have fallen significantly on this day. I am sure they will increase in value over the long term and all of these companies are paying steady dividends

For your interest $1 USD = 9,50 Norwegian Kroner.

1: DNB (Den Norske Bank – The Norwegian Bank)

Bilderesultater for dnb

I have bought the DNB share for 120.90 NOK pr. share. It’s down 12.58% today. Last time you could buy DNB for 120, – pr. share was November 7, 2016, just over 3 years ago. Their investor relations are all in english as well if you want to check them out.

I have chosen to buy into DNB today. in my scandinavian share account, DNB now makes up 12% of my portfolio. Does this mean that DNB has reached the bottom? most likely not. it is possible the stock is going to fall even more, but for me this price became too hard to resist

DNB will pay NOK 9 in dividend per share in 2020. This is an increase of 0.75, – Per share from last year when dividend was 8.25, –

9 / 120.9 * 100 = 7.44%. If my calculation is correct I will get well over 7.44% dividend yield on the shares I have purchased today. In the short term, the DNB share may be even lower, but for me this price was cheap enough.

2: Aker BP

Bilderesultater for Aker BP

Poor Aker BP on a real down today. By the end of the day, they are down as much as 28.27%. Ended at 147.20, – Per share after the end of the day. I myself have chosen to look at this as a good opportunity to buy. This is a good opportunity. In the long run, only time will tell if I’m right.

It is likely that this one has not reached the bottom, with everything going on in the Oil Industry at the present time. One reason I chose to buy today is because Aker BP has even bought shares for this price as the picture shows. “Aker BP has bought 250,000 own shares at an average price of NOK 152,5192 … After this Aker BP owns 250,000 own shares” shown in Norwegian text under.

I think when Aker BP goes in and buys its own shares, there is a clear signal from the company itself thinks the share is worth more, or at least as much. We must return to Septemper 2017 the last time we could trade Aker BP for 147, – NOK pr. share.

Aker BP have been increasing dividends and I also like that they are paying dividends quarterly. Their investor relations are all in english as well if you want to check them out

3: Equinor

Bilderesultater for Equinor

Equinor has also had a difficult day on the stock exchange. They fall 17.72% and you can now buy the Equinor share at 113.10 NOK per share. share. We must return to February 2016 the last time we could buy Equinor at this price. So a little over 4 years ago.

Equinor has also increased dividends over time. as of May 2020, they will start paying dividends in USD $. Like Aker BP, Equinor also pays dividends quarterly.

So there you have it. So I have not been able to resist the temptation today. Although I only hope that I have not bought too early, but regardless of this I firmly believe i will over the long term benefit from this. . I can’t wait to see how the investments will do, and im ready to be proven wrong.

If you have bought stock yourself today then I am interested to hear what you have done. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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