About a year ago I decided to change my routine when it comes to sleep and waking up. After a good year with decent routine, I’ve gotten into the habit of waking up at 05:00 AM. I’m sure you know how it feels, that moment, when you work on a routine for so long that at some point it becomes a part of you. That moment when it sticks to your personality, im sure you know the feeling. I wanted to share a couple of positives and negatives with being rigid with sleep time and wake time.

Positive Number 1: Being in Control

For me, to be the master of my sleep time and wake time, having that control, is the same as claiming responsibility. owning the day at hand already the night before when you’ve gone orderly to bed “early” as some say, seizing the day before most have woken up, and some still havent gone to sleep.

Negative Number 1: Missing out

Whenever somethings happening, im sleeping. Missing out on gathering later in the evening can feel like a set-back, and at some times does make me feel like a lone wolf, outside of the party. Luckily for me I’m not really one who digs huge gatherings, its not the way i recharge my batteries. That being said of course, if you ever decide to wake up at 05:00 AM. This is the price you’re paying.

Positive Number 2: No interruptions!

from 05:00-07:00 AM, I have complete consentration on the task at hand. This is a huge advantage as I have alot of different projects, I find myself flowing way better and being productive in the morning. The later on the day, the more lazy i get. Having a space during the morning for absolute concentration was mind blowing when i first started waking up at 05:00

Negative Number 2: Going into the habit

Waking up at 05:00 AM didnt happen over night, at first it was really hard sticking to my new routine. I didnt notice any particular benefit before into my 3rd week of waking up early. Then came the first boost of confidence and enjoyment. Then i hit another barrier at about 3 months in, losing concentration, i fell out of the habit for a small period. Waking up then, in that phase I rewarded myself with doing the one thing I love the most, reading books. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to start a new habit. Try “habit-bunching”, do something you really enjoy alongside the new habit you’re trying to make.

Thank you taking the time to read.

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