That feeling. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning. There is a message on my phone from Nordnet, “You have received dividends!” As excited as I was, I opened my cellphone to see how much money I got. Yesterday I got paid dividends for the very first time! Who paid me? The company is well known and you have surely heard of them, they are called Ford Motor Company.

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I was paid an incredible $ 1.37 after withholding tax, or 12.70 in Norwegian kroner. yes I know. I know this is not alot of money. But what’s so amazing is that I haven’t worked for this money. The money has worked for me, and it’s the first time in my life its the other way around. I think about the future, and in the future, I will hopefully get far more dividends, provided I continue to invest money in stocks that pays dividends. That being said, it has probably turned out that Ford was a bad investment. The share price has gone down significantly since I bought it in January. I really want to invest in companies that both generate growth and pay dividends. Ford has proven that it may not meet all the criteria I want in a company. That being said, they are a large and safe company, so even though the stock value has gone down I do not regret the purchase. I will forever remember that Ford was the first company to pay me dividends.

I look forward to continue investing and collect dividends from many different companies. I am happy to have chosen the path as a dividend investor, I am thinking long-term and hoping for a small passive income that can meet my needs for the future. That is why yesterday was special to me, The $ 1.37 (12,70 NOK) is the best money I have ever made. Although I am far from financial freedom, this feels like a small step in the right direction!

Have you been paid dividends before? Which company was the first one to pay you dividends? i would love to know.

That’s all I had in mind for now, thank you for taking the time to read!

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  1. When it comes to dividends it’s best to invest in an ETF that pays dividends or a corporate bond etf. I bought ford and while I got dividends from it. The stock never appreciated it would go up a bit then go down. I sold at a small profit way before the stocks went down last month. I also currently have AT&T which pays me about 70 usd a quarter and I was up 10% at one time but now in the negative due to virus.

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